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Special furnaces

kitu tp krosnys


       For heat treatment of materials and components in serial production we offer continuous conveyor furnaces.
The speed of conveyor is controlled by frequency converter and wide range of speed can be applied. Therefore these furnaces can be used for heat treatment of different series of products that have different geometrical dimensions and require different temperature regimes.
Depending on requirement and specifics of the product, different types of conveyors can be used: belt (type TB), chain (type TC) or roller (type TR) conveyors. For loading of charge we offer additional gravitational tables or roller tables of relatively unlimited length.
Top loaded – shaft furnaces (type S) are usable for heat treatment of different components in vertical position and this way longitudinal deformations can be avoided. Such furnaces are very convenient for heat treatment of heavy parts, because for loading unloading works cranes or other lifting equipment can be used.
Bell furnaces (type B) are designed for heat treatment in periodical or serial production. They are normally used for heat treatment of relatively large and heavy products. These furnaces are very effective because one shell can be used together with several production places.
For local stress release of particular parts of components (normally after welding) we offer N type furnaces. These furnaces can be used for heat treatment of parts of roller and flat shape.
Furnaces of combined construction are designed for stress release, applying residual heat of components.


Model Tmax. oC Volume l
Inside chamber dimensions mm Power kW Voltage V
Shape of window-type of transporter
Window-Windth Depth
S   112/1280 1280 112 kvadratinė 400x400 700 21 400
S 1500/1280 1280 1500 kvadratinė 900x900 1800 80 400
S     90/1280 1280 90 apvali 400 700 21 400
S 1150/1280 1280 1150 apvali 900 1800 75 400
B 1600/1200 1200 1600 apvali 1200 1450 81 400
B 2500/800 800 2500 apvali 1350 1800 90 400
TB 2500/1280* 100-1280   juosta 100-1800 100-500 20-390 400
TC 2500/1280* 100-1280   grandinė 100-1800 100-500 20-390 400
TR 2500/1280* 100-1280   ritiniai 200-1800 100-500 20-390 400

*Designed according to requirements of technological process.
Other dimensions on request.