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About us




    UAB GRR Engineering is one of leading Lithuanian companies that offers industrial heat treatment equipment according to special orders: electric chamber furnaces (small size – up to 1200 liters, medium size – from 1200 up to 4000 liters and large size xxl01_2duruchambers – more than 4000 liters), continues furnaces, pit, bell and other types of construction. They can be produced for heat treatment in low (up to 400°C), medium (from 400°C up to 850°C) and higher (from 850°C up to 1280°C) temperatures. Our heat treatment equipment is applied for heat treatment of metals (hardening, annealing, heating before forging, normalization and other types), drying processes, heat treatment chambers for tests of different components and materials, ovens for rubber and latex vulcanization, furnaces for ceramics and glass, baths for melting of plastics, etc. 
     WDSCN5637e design, produce and assemble conveyer heat treatment production lines controlled by PLC, install controllers and software that can be integrated into already existing control systems, apply high-tech electronics that make heat treatment equipment “smart”.
     Our qualified staff have long-term experience of successful accomplishments of different projects in Lithuania and worldwide. Our partners and suppliers are world leading companies in their branch of activity. They help us to maintain our ability to produce and supply our customers with modern, innovative equipment and systems that are effective, safe and energy-efficient.